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Not sure whether I put this in the right place but i would just like to say what a wonderful person Grace Lockhart is after being in almost constant pain for the last 3 years i went to see grace last Thursday was made to feel very welcome and comfy she then did me a spiritual reading that was amazing a few strange sensations but wonderful and i am pain free now for 48hrs even without taking my pain meds will definitely be going to see her again and would highly recommend to anyone thank you so much grace xx

Posted 11/06/2016


A Golden Throne

I saw Grace at Crewe’s MBS Fair and I was absolutely astounded by what happened. I am a practising Spirit Medium who stumbles across having ‘Healing Hands’ from time to time. I have no idea how it happens, it just does. I spoke to Grace about this and she told me that we would find the source. When I sat to talk to Grace, it quickly became obvious that this meeting had been orchestrated and that Heaven had alligned us to cross paths. My ‘Healing Questions’ were about to be answered!

The reading that Grace had started very soon turned into a Meditation because that is where she was drawn to. As we entered into medatative state, there was a ladder that I was encouraged to climb. The ladder went up and up and up and it felt as though I had been climbing for an eternity. The higher up that I went, the faster I was travelling. The clouds turned into a beautiful Golden Colour and I had passed a Priest on the way up. All of a sudden I found myself at the gates of Heaven, Tall and Golden, perfect in every way! And then they opened in front of my eyes. It was crystal clear, I was actually standing in Heaven. As I made my way into a beautiful building, I found my way to a Throne Room, with a Scarlett Red Carpet lined down the centre of the room. As I approached a rather large Golden Throne, I felt obliged to kneel, even though it was empty. That’s when Jesus himself appeared. He said nothing. He simply placed his hands on my shoulders and I felt a huge energy rush throughout my body. This went on for some time and before I knew it I was on my way back down to return to Grace. It was an amazing insight as to where my healing was coming from, yet I was disappointed that no actual words had been spoken. Still, I was overjoyed at what had happened!

I left the venue and went on my way to catch the train to Wales. I sat on the train and felt a little drained from my experience, so closed my eyes to rest. As soon as my eyelids had closed, I found that I was back in the Throne room, kneeling before Jesus once more. It took me completely by surprise, to which he saw and smiled at me. He said to me that he was pleased that I had been to see him and that he had been waiting for me to arrive, which he knew I would. He told me that the healing I had been giving had come from him. And the reason that I cannot help everyone that I want to is because they are not in the right state to be helped. This now makes complete sense to me. He told me that through him, I am capable of all the things that he is spoken of, and that he would be with me all the way through my journey. He said that anyone that needed my healing, he would make sure that they found me and that it would all become clear.
This was an amazing insight to my path and journey, and it was Grace that lead me there.
Grace is a truly inspirational lady!
Thank You so much Grace <3 x

Posted 15/06/2016


Warrior Angels

Hi Grace,

I recently attended your Angels Workshop which as wonderful and it gave me another insight into how Jesus really loves us.

In my work environment I have been experiencing unpleasant behavior by one of my colleagues whereby I would literally cry on my way to work as I didn’t want to be in their company as they made my life so difficult.

On learning about the ways Jesus protects us by releasing angels to help us when we ask him, I asked Jesus to send his warrior angels ahead of me to clean up the work environment , as we learned in the workshop.

It has now been several weeks and the great news is my work environment is transformed and my colleague has been transformed from being unkind, to the total opposite!  She is  now helpful and much more friendlier which enables me to be so much happier in my workplace.

I am so grateful to Jesus for helping me and for releasing the angels and I ask him to bless you more.

Thank you so much

Love, hugs and blessings

Gwen (via email)

Posted 06/07/2016


Freedom from Nightmares

Video 4 minutes 48 seconds

Multiple Sclerosis

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about six years ago. I have lived with a great deal of pain all over my body since then.

After coming to your workshop a few months ago, and to yourself for healing, the worst pain which was on my spine, and was an area covered with lesions totally disappeared, and thanks be to God, has not returned!!

That particular pain was the worst, and was at times unbearable. Today after coming to you for healing with Jesus, I have regained almost all the feeling in my hands that have been numb for 4 years.

L. (Manchester)

Posted 17/05/2017

Healing Angels

I went to see Grace almost 2 weeks ago now. We chatted like a pair of old women setting the world to rights. Grace called on her angels to do some healing on me and I have to say apart from feeling a bit trippy I was relaxed and I still have no pain.

I can’t thank or recommended her mad skills ( or lentil soup) enough. X Nikki

Posted 20/05/2016